Friday, October 8, 2010

Going Without Facebook for 2 days

Going without Facebook
Myra Snyder
This week, for about two days I went without getting on my facebook.  The experience was interesting, not having the effect on me that I expected.  Before I did this lab, I knew that I would want to update my status or send a message every once in a while, but I figured that after a few hours I would forget about my profile altogether. This lab was skewed a little bit though, because during this whole process, my phone was broken.  It hadn’t been working for about a week and a half before I did this lab, so I was already feeling some withdraw from society, and beginning to spend more time in a practice room.
When I went off of facebook, I was surprised how often I wanted to check it.  Every single time I went into my room, I noticed I wanted to get on facebook immediately.  It didn’t let up either, or lessen over time.  This lab made me go out into the world more, but I felt more isolated than ever.  When I tried to find a friend to eat dinner with or just hang out, I realized how few people I actually knew really well.  The good thing about this was that it made me sit with people that I wouldn’t normally, talk to people I’ve seen around but never introduced myself to, and get more done in a day because I wasn’t always trying to tell people what I was doing.
I was extremely relieved when I could get on facebook again, and I can’t wait to get my phone fixed, but I’m glad that I did this lab, especially at the same time as I didn’t have a phone.  I believe I gained some social capitol, and know how to put down my phone or get off the internet if I ever need to.